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Adding value throughout
stone supply chain

We are a portuguese company
specialized in natural stone.

Through our knowledge and long-time market experience, we add value in all areas regarding natural stone. We are the reference partner to whom needs specialized services in the industrial stone market.

Our goal: design, development and implement products and manufacturing technologies employed in the industrial sector of natural stone & related materials.


We empower industry to achieve greater performances and be better in their business.
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  • Extraction
  • Transformation
  • Technology


We conduct tests and support certifications through our Lab for the global stone market.

  • Testing
  • Characterization
  • Certifications


We help develop projects from idea to engineering, always aiming for a perfect market fit

  • Consulting
  • Engineering


We develop new uses for natural stone, from technology concepts to products, from prototyping to funding.

  • R&D
  • Prototype
  • Funding

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Laboratory of Materials and Products

Evaluating how your stone is compliant with all product quality requirements and meet, both, performance and environmental criteria for any given application

Focused on Stone, our laboratory testing services provide accurate technical data required to control your factory production process, helping to reduce product time-to-market; trusted data on products helps your company to sell quickly and increases stone value.

Our team is equipped to meet testing requirements, tight timelines and product needs. As world construction regulations increases in demand and new technologies come into market, Frontwave’s team of experts ensure your stone products and processes are prepared to meet market evolvement.

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