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We are experts in natural stone and the right partner to find the solutions your business or project needs.


Stone Digital Twin to Business Growth, aims to be the first digital ecosystem dedicated to the natural stone and derivatives market.

STONIFY’s vision is thus to bring the producer closer to the end consumer, through intelligent functionalities that allow to track, select, prescribe, design and monitor any project that uses this type of natural material, becoming the first unifying platform of this supply chain.

The mission is to make all the advantages associated with industrial digitization global and accessible:

i) creation of digital-twins of materials produced and in stock in a logical e-commerce and API punchout catalogue

ii) Cloud management of processes using traceability systems through blockchain technology for the production chain;

iii) use of ML and AI to facilitate procurement and increase sustainability of under-used materials in architectural projects on a global scale;

iv) enabling on-boarding of other suppliers in the supply chain, creating a complete marketplace for buying and selling natural stone and the associated services, logistics, laboratory testing, others.

The future of stone is digital.