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Composites Materials



Composites Materials

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Composites are the future of industries that lead with materials. Although large-scale production of composite structures is still evolving, the World is preparing for a radical shift in the next few years.
Team FrontWave is multidisciplinary in the fields of Materials, Mechanical, Civil and Aerospace Engineering, resulting in a transversal knowledge of needs and specifications for a significant number of industries, namely: cork composites, rubber, stone, foams or mixtures using some of these components. We have skills regarding design and modelling of new products that, in our vision, must be complemented by a strong experimental component.
This working methodology increases the range of works carried out by the laboratory and act directly in the development of multifunctional products, with emphasis to those having special characteristics such as thermal insulation, acoustic comfort and increased strength or stiffness.

Composite Materiais


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2 Outubro, 2015

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