Developing new uses for natural stone industry, from technology concepts to products, from prototyping to funding.

We are prepared to change the face of the stone industry.

Using powerful innovation and design tools on stone products and new technologies, our company enables the implementation of new ideas at an industrial level.

With more than 20 years developing on the stone market, our team delivers a new generation of successful products and technologies.

Market the next generation of stone products and differentiate from your competitors by performing simple technology transfer. Our company has already originated and piloted more that 10 products and technologies, all valid for industrial application. Frontwave helps capturing investment and launching new businesses in the stone sector.


STORK stands for stone and cork.

A unique engineering material showing high value-added performance when compared with conventional natural stone. STORK is very light, yields higher mechanical resistance, has multifunctional properties (thermal and acoustic insulation) and shows a better life-cycle performance. With STORK it is possible to transcend the conventional uses of natural stone by designing all sorts of products in almost any shape and size, while maintaining its natural features and unique aesthetic value.


Thanks to its innovative design thinking process,
Frontwave used its latest composite modelling strategies and experience in production methods to deliver a new solution that became a nature blend of two highly valuable materials.

STONESCAN D2: D2 Techonology

Enter the new era of stone digitalization

The StoneScan uses top-end technology and intelligent algorithms to ensure that your products are portrayed with maximum confidence. Using our scanning technology in the production line leverages productivity by bringing your stock to the digital world. The scanner adds flexibility to the production and allows for resource optimization by making it possible to pre-plan the processing of a slab on its digital copy. StoneScan acts as the first step towards revolutionizing the stone industry, getting feedback from the supply chain, and benefiting from the features the internet and digital planning have to offer to the industry.


The company used its close relationship with one of the main engineering schools in Portugal (Instituto Superior Técnico) to develop a 4 year / 2 phase R&D and business development plan that allowed delivering this technology in the market. The 2 standard systems are currently commercialized under license by the company D2 that designed the actual hardware case (both horizontal and vertical models) to best fit the customer requirements.


Modular Multifunctional Stone Wall System

An innovative and eco-efficient pre-fabricated coating system that redefines and optimizes the use of natural stone on building facades. Inovwall is a double layer stone panel system, with thermal and acoustic insulation, that can be used as a cladding wall or as a ventilated facade. Through the use of small stone plates with low commercial value, we create an eco-friendly coating solution of high technical and aesthetical value. The use of prestress loads ensures a system’s unique monolithism and mechanical resistance to the design loads.


Our team captured the long-term market needs regarding the use of more complex and high-value products using natural stone. The development process has employed conventional technologies used to manufacture pre-fabricated concrete panels and added a new structure designed to withstand natural stone into a single monolithic element. The solution developed up to a pilot scale, delivers a new multifunctional wall element, that is become seamless integrated in buildings.

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