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Delivering to the stone sector the skills that guarantee high-performing solutions.

We will

Provide the market with technological tools and management instruments that are meaningful to attain strategic objectives that aim to obtain sustained and efficient development and commit ourselves in the contribution to increase market technical knowledge, incorporating as much as possible our services and products on activities that allow to boost the implementation of Research and Technological Development.

Intelligent stone technologies enabling the production and application of eco-efficient and multifunctional products

We aim to

Become forerunners in the implementation of the first intelligent technology that optimizes all transformation processes employed on stone and related materials, lead the valorisation of natural stone introducing into the market multifunctional products (thermal, acoustics, strength, …), capable of using innovative characterisation and selection methodologies performing engineering projects using stone (and related materials) delivering safe and durable applications and be the most competent in the implementation of management systems that assure perceptible add-value through skills related to quality, environment, safety and innovation.

Track Record

frontwave becomes an IST spin-off

training certification system approved by public authorities

r&d unit grows up in Borba

iso 9001 quality system certification

international recognition (contracts @ European level)

new business orientation and organization

laboratory facilities specially designed for stone markets

integrated facilities @ Sintra

new products on stone market (PRESSTONE & LeanMachine)


Our solutions result from a multidisciplinary team of engineers and project designers with large experience in stone product development and industrial implementation.

Using a flexible organization, the management team supports its business strategy combining the empowerment culture of its team with a total quality assurance system.

Vera Pires

Vera Pires

Chief Technical Officer

Vera leads the Engineering business unit @ FrontWave. After 8 years experience dealing with all major players in the Portuguese market (stone products, application, pathology inspection and rehabilitation), she has built a trustful relationship with the stone sector currently extended at an international level.

Vera holds a PhD in Materials Engineering from the Technical University of Lisbon. This highly innovative thesis has established for the first time the requirements needed for developing safe and sustainable projects employing stone facades.


Joel Pinheiro

Joel Pinheiro

Aerospace Engineer

Joel is one of the newts’ elements of FrontWave. He has become experienced in developing and optimising sandwich composite structures from natural materials (cork) showing vibration absorption while keep mechanical performance.
Joel holds a Master in Aerospace Engineering. He’s Master Thesis was done in collaboration with Amorim Cork Composites. At FrontWave Joel’s dedicated to develop new projects focused on new functional stone products.