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A new patented lightweight cladding and flooring solution. STORK stands for STONE & CORK
and combines different, but highly appreciated, intrinsic characteristics from both natural materials.
The solution is designed in layers and, depending on the application, it uses the latest composite
modelling strategies and production methods to become a nature blend of 2 highly valuable materials.


Improved mechanical properties are expected when
compared to tradictional stone elements, namely:
Over 50% weight reduction per square meter which leads
to lower energy costs on transport and handling and also,
lower installation times and easymaitenance and repair.

Higher mechanical strength comparatively to traditional
stone solutions due to an increased maximum flexural load
(approximatelly five times higher).

3 times higher impact strength and higher energy absoption
when compared to conventional stone solutions or to other
britle materials.


Improved thermal and acoustic properties are
expected when choosing STORK, namely:

Thermal insulation compatible with major
insulation projects using cork
(U = 0.037 to 0.040 W/mk).


Improved sound absorption

Suitable for flooring and internal cladding

Custom-made acoustic panels comparable to wood

Suitable for minimizing impact transmission

STORK endures through life.


| Waterproofness

STORK allows suitable flooring installation

and better stone performance due to the

existence of a waterproofing layer.

| Core Adhesion

STORK resists to a highest number of aging

cycles, assured by cork and fiber bonding.

| Thermal Fatigue

STORK resist to temperature variations with

specified maximum pull-out resistance.


STORK suits any request. You will find our specified fixing system for ventilated facades and installation requirments for interior cladding.

| STORK panels are manufactured according the STORK PROCESS and submited to systematic inspections monitored by an external entity, asuring quality consistency.

STORK panels can be supplied in two ways:

designed to fit a project (slabs up to 1×0.8 m2) – panels are provided with sealed fixing anchors. All other fixing elements can be directly supplied by our installation partner.

| delivered in slab format (slabs up to 2×3 m2)


| STORK ventilated facade panels are not involved in structural requirments such as load transmission.

Structural requirments should be guaranteed by the structure that supports the cladding elements.


| STORK interior wall cladding panels

When installed directly on the support, wall flatness must not exceed 5 mm in each 20 cm, and 1 cm in each 2m

30 mm thick // shock @ 500 mm height

8 mm thick // shock @ 2000 mm height

All this information is available for download


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