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Stone Projects

2D/3D Projects

Build your entire stone project using 3D innovative tools, employing the latest software, fully compatible with manufacturing standards used across the industry. Validate our solutions by requiring a preliminary analysis of your project / application. Make use of new selection methodologies and product characterisation to perform safe, durable and cost-effective projects. Access to 3D / 2D models in real time with FrontWave innovative mobile solutions, enhancing the work relationship with architects and, later, stone manufacturers.


1. Facade projects;

2. Dimensioning;

3. Stone Selection;


4. Quality Assurance;

5. Performance Assessment;

6. On-site supervision.

Mock-up design

A simple solution for the design of your stone application. Mocks-ups are important to determine all kinds of stone dimensions, fixing systems and, if properly defined, stone textures and/or colours that best fit the designer’s concept. FrontWave is specialized in 3D modeling solutions that will help you empower your architectural project, offering a fully interactive mock-up design, allowing further improvements in design and performance.


1 – mock-up design;

2 – virtual mock-up;

3 – on site-site training

3D Printing

Have an immediate solid 3D print of any concept regarding your project. This solution minimises errors that occur during stone product manufacturing as well as during on-site stone installation. FrontWave has experience in offering 3D printing of fixing systems for facades or any sort of mechanical solutions designed for high quality projects.

Product Development

Any reality is possible when performing product development. FrontWave delivers a well-trained procedure to implement product design, characterisation, prototype validation and transfer to market.
Using a large international network, our company guarantees maximum success in what concerns the application state-of-the-art technical and scientific knowledge