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….and suddenly, what looked like a silly idea proved to be a brilliant idea!!

Research & Development + Innovation is part of FrontWave’s DNA. We use strong relationship with IST ( to catalyse all our creation process. Since 2001, FrontWave has successfully participated in more than 15 R&D projects, both national and European. This work has resulted in a large scientic and technological network that has already expanded beyond Europe. Among all the projects, FrontWave has been partially funded by both public and private entities, at National and European level. Almost 10 years later, all R&D works have originated Innovative Solutions and Products and the original projects are being globally implemented in the Stone Markets.

Sensor Technology

FrontWave is ahead on the research and development of sensor technology for stone functional products. This technology aims to monitor material behaviour during testing and product behaviour during service life.



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The Solarstone solution represents an innovating concept of thermal, modular and multifunctional solar energy.
This new idea consists of a solar collector of possible implementations in any existing building during its construction or project.
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