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| Functionalstone

Functionalstone project aimed at the development of novel natural stone products built as multifunctional composite panels for direct application in construction. Natural stone panels find significant use as coverings and claddings and represent a multibillion dollar market worldwide. In this project we studied and develpod composite panels in arrangements and materials combinations that enhance the acoustic, thermal and mechanical properties of natural stone whilst minimizing complexity and costs of on-site application.
The improvements enabled by the proposed innovations are intended to meet actual regulatory requirements concerning acoustic and thermal behavior in constructions.
The developed panel solutions were optimized through the characterization of their behavior to hygrothermal conditions, mechanical loading and aging, typically observed in use of such panels. To this end, we incorporated sensing mechanisms in the panel structure in view of future integration of sensing ability in intelligent building management systems.


The consortium is composed by two SME: SOLANCIS e FRONTWAVE and one RTD performer: UCOIMBRA. Solancis has several decades of accumulated expertise in the transformation of marble, granite and limestone, and is complementary to Frontwave, with large experience in materials engineering and characterization, with special emphasis in natural stone. University of Coimbra adds scientific capacities and competences in construction systems with special emphasis in acoustic and thermal behavior of materials.

Project results can be summarized in the following functional products/areas:

| Natural stone acoustic absorption panel

| Natural stone acoustic diffusion panel

| Natural stone acoustic insolation panel

| Natural stone low weight reinforced panel

| Natural stone Trombe wall

The consortium designed and produced prototype panels characterizing their behaviour regarding different solicitations. Each prototype integrated design of the various aspects being optimized and validated. These activities resulted in product technical specifications, methodologies for tailor made projects and determine requirements for transferring the process for larger scale production.